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Club Photos -- 2020

2020 was certainly a challenging year in the history of Philly Runners. For the first time ever, we had to cancel the runs -- twice. And there were practically no races to run. In June, after a 10 week hiatus, we started our runs back up. We managed to get in two barbecues, one post-Virtual Mayor's Cup and one in September just for the heck of it, two BYOB Happy Hours on Lemon Hill and one outdoor Happy Hour at Frankford Hall in Fishtown before being forced to shut down again in mid-November.




February: Marathon Olympic Trials Viewing Party

Post Mayors Cup BBQ

August: A socially distanced photo of our
post-Virtual Mayor's Cup BBQ

October BYO Happy Hour on Lemon Hill

October BYO Happy Hour on Lemon Hill



Zoom Virtual Happy Hour

March: Zoom Virtual Happy Hour

Chasing the Unicorn Race

November: Chasing the Unicorn Marathon, one of the
few actual races that took place this year































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