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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join the club?
    Just show up and run! You can go here to join our mailing list, but you don't need to be on our mailing list to run with us.
    See the map of our regular running route and meetup location.

2. Am I too slow to run with you?
    Not at all! We have runners of all paces. Everybody is always welcome.

3. Are the runs still on in the rain? Snow? Freezing temperatures? Very hot & humid days?
    Absolutely! The runs are never canceled.

4. Where do the runs meet?
    All runs start and end at the bottom right of the front steps to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (the "Rocky" Steps), to the right, by the sign with the museum's hours and to the left of the statue of Rocky. Check out this map for more details.

5. What are the paces/distances of the group?
    This varies based on who comes to a particular run. Everybody, regardless of pace/distance is welcome at every run and we will do our best to pair you together with other runners who are running at your pace/distance.

6. Where near the Philadelphia Museum of Art can I park my car?
    • In front of the art museum across the street (in the art museum circle), the lot is usually free (Tues & Thurs evenings Fall, Winter, Spring).
    • There is a parking lot behind the art museum, right by Lloyd Hall (1/2 mile from where we meet), if you turn at the traffic light.
    • You can also turn into the park at this traffic light and park on the street.
    • The art musuem parking lot itself is free when the art musuem is not open.
    • A little farther down Kelly Drive, in front of the boathouses, there is parking on the side of the road as well as a small parking lot.
    • Pennsylvania Ave, which is parallel to Kelly Drive, in front of the huge apartment buildings. There is often parking here. It is free, but there is a four hour limit if you don't live in the area and don't have a permit.
    • If this all fails, you can always try the metered spots along the Ben Franklin Parkway.
    • See our map with parking areas marked.

7. Where can I lock up my bike?
    There are railings right by where we meet at the art museum, to which you can lock your bike with a cable or U-lock.

8. Are there any lockers to stash my change of clothes?
   Some people who drive to our runs are gracious enough to let people put their belongings in their car, but this is generally worked out on an individual basis. You can post on our message board or Facebook page if you are looking to store stuff in a car at any particular run.


Unless you have made advance arrangements, leave any valuables at home or figure on carrying them with you. What this really means is don't bring anything valuable with you. Bring some cash, credit card, ID that you can stuff in your sock or shoe. If you have an armband for your phone that will work too.

   *** The circle parking lot across the street from the meetup spot is only available for free parking on weekdays during the Fall, Winter and Spring. On weekends, this parking lot is a pay parking lot and during the summers it is a pop-up beer garden. During those times most people who drive to the run will be parked farther away and may not be able to help store gear.

   *** Most people just stash stuff in the trees by the run meetup spot. You can bring some extra clothes in a plastic bag.
   Bring clothing that you won't miss too much if it gets stolen. Although this happens very rarely, clothing has gone missing in the past. Do not plan on leaving anything valuable in the trees.

9. Where are the nearest bathrooms? Water fountain?
    Both are at Lloyd Hall, 1/2 mile from where we meet. (map)

10. May I join you for the post-run dinners or coffee even if I can't make the run?
      Of course!






















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