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Join/Contact Philly Runners

The easiest way to contact us or to join our club is to just show up and run!

Our running schedule is as follows:

• Saturdays Labor Day to Memorial Day, including the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend: 9am

• Satudays Memorial Day to Labor Day, including the Saturday of Labor Day weekend: 8am

• Tuesdays, all year: 6:30pm

• Thursdays, all year: 6:30pm

Our runs are never canceled, there is no fee to join, there is no need to RSVP and everybody is always welcome.

Unsure of where to find us? Check out this map of our regular running route.

Weekly email list:

• If you would like to be on our weekly email list, you can join our Google group by going here, but you don't need to be on our mailing list to run with us. Past weekly emails can also be found on the Google group.

If you join our Google group, you will receive one email per week from us. We do not sell or give our members' email addresses to anybody, ever. Also, our Google group is set so that only the moderator can send emails and if you reply to the email, the reply will go only to the moderator and not to the entire group. This eliminates spam completely.

Questions about our club:

• If you have any questions about our club, please check out our FAQ page, our Scheduled Runs Page, our Calendar, our Map and our Message Board to see if your question has already been answered.

Race Timing:

• We do not offer race timing or other assistance with race logistics (but we can volunteer at a water stop or assist as course marshals). Please see Local Running Resources for race timing.

Contact Us:

• If you have any other questions or would like to request that an event be added to the calendar and/or home page,

          •  please email Seth.

When requesting a race listing, please include the name of race, distance of race, location of race, date of race and either a link for online registration (a direct link to the exact page for registration is appreciated, as opposed to "" or "Run the Day") or a PDF of the paper race application, including an address where to send it.

Before emailing a race posting request, please check our home page race listing to see if the race is already posted. Please do not send listing requests for races that are already listed. While we are happy to honor requests to list races, we are generally unable to offer assistance with publicity or marketing beyond a listing on our website. Please do not send marketing/publicity documents via email. A basic race listing with the information requested above and nothing else is appreciated.

Also please note that we do not have bibs available for sold-out races.

Please note, you must replace "(at)" with "@" and "(dot)" with "." in order for the email to go through.



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