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Map of Pennypack Park in Northeast Philadelphia

Map of Pennypack Park in Northeast Philly. The arrow shows one recommended place to park.

Move around, zoom in, zoom out to see the whole route and the surrounding area.

View Pennypack Park in a larger map

Pennypack is a mini Wissahickon. A lot easier as far as the climbs/ less rocky. The park is split down the middle by Pennypack creek and is about 8 miles long, 1/4 mile wide.

There is a main paved bike path that runs alongside the length of the creek.

There is a double wide hiking trail just to the right of the bike path (looking from west to east or looking "down" the creek). That is marked as a horse trail but anyone can use it. From that hiking/ horse trail you will find miles of twisty, technical single track that spiral off into the park.

The place to start is the top of the park (west end) at Pine road. You will see a large parking lot with a big meadow. At the parking lot is a map of the park (although there are no maps available to take with you).  From the city take Roosevelt Boulevard to the Oxford Circle then make a left onto Oxford ave then make a right onto Pine road.

Now from a safety standpoint:
Always go during daylight hours.
The paved bike path is safe for the length of the park.
The double wide horse/hiking trail is safe from Pine road to Roosevelt Boulevard.
The twisty single track is safe from Pine road to Bustleton Ave. After that the single track gets too twisty, confusing and you would get easily lost.
The section below Roosevelt Boulevard to Frankford ave is a little less "scenic", much more broken glass, graffiti, "undesirables" walking around.


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